Our Team

Our team embodies international and national experts in the field of public finance management, gender budgeting and gender equality. Our experts have a long professional experience in implementation of the gender responsive budgeting in countries with transition economies, work experience in public sector on reforming of budget system of Ukraine both at the state and local levels, as well as practical experience in projects of an international technical assistance.

There are doctors of economics and social sciences, Ph.D. in Economics, MAs in Economics, scientists and former public executives among the project experts, who form the powerful professional team in the field of gender responsive budgeting in Ukraine.

Project Management

  • Catharina Schmitz

    Project Directress

    Catharina Schmitz – Managing Director for NIRAS and the Project Directress. Ms. Schmitz has over 20 years of experience in providing technical support to projects in transition and development countries.

    She is specialized in good governance and public administration and has worked with a specific focus on effective gender mainstreaming in organizations and public administration, developing processes for gender analysis, sustainable gender mainstreaming and gender budgeting. She has specifically worked on women’s economic empowerment (WEE) and was responsible for developing Sida’s concept on WEE, as the basis for improving country program support.

    She has also provided support to Sida to strengthening their support to implementation of EU gender Aquis in CIS and Balkan countries. She has an extensive experience in working with Gender Responsive Budget initiatives in transition countries, and has undertaken work for Sida, UN Women and EU and other financers.

  • Maja Bosnic

    Project Team Leader

    Maja Bosnic – Project Team Leader. She has extensive experience in working and managing projects for developing institutional and organizational capacities to implement performance budgeting and gender responsive budgeting in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia and Albania, working under auspices of different international organizations – UN Women, USAID, DFID, UNICEF, European Commission and others.

    She was part of the pioneering initiatives to introduce gender responsive planning and budgeting in BiH. She led and coordinated preparation of number of the GRB textbooks and guides, including the first GRB Textbook for Universities in SEE region. Maja holds a Master of Science in Economics, and her master thesis is focused on participatory budgeting.

  • Anastasiia Yermoshenko

    Project Coordinator

    Anastasiia Yermoshenko – International Project Coordinator that is assuring good communication on administrative and economic issues between NIRAS and project office. Anastasiia is also in charge of assuring that the project continuously is monitoring and evaluating the ongoing work.

    Her past and current work experience includes: program development and management, planning and reporting on the project performance, budgeting of projects as well as risks analyses and methodology-based performance monitoring and evaluation. Anastasiia holds a Doctorate degree in Economics and specialises in Public Finance Management (PFM) and Gender Budgeting with more than 10 years of experience in international development cooperation.

  • Oksana Tsiupa

    Project Deputy Team Leader

    Oksana Tsiupa – Project Deputy Team Leader. Oksana has Master’s Degree in Public Service and PhD in Economics. Her PhD thesis is on “Formation and use of development budgets in Ukraine.” She is a lecturer of the finance department of Carpathian National University named after V. Stefanik.

    She is an experienced public sector expert, and in 2004 she was the Head of Unit of financing non-industrial sector of Main Financial Department of Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration. She was involved in the pilot project of SIDA “Gender Mainstreaming in Ukraine” (2012-2013), as an expert.


  • Ugis Sics

    International Expert

    Ugis Sics – Public Finance Management (PFM) Expert with over 17 years of professional experience at central government level on financial management related reforms in the capacity of both – civil servant and external adviser.

    He has worked on PFM related reforms in such countries as Georgia, Kosovo, Latvia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine. In particular, he specializes in policy driven budgeting systems such as the program budgeting, MTEF and other. He is well familiar with public administration and PFM in Ukraine. He has been working there with various clients since 2007 including the Ministry of Finance, the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers, and the National Agency of Civil Service of Ukraine.

  • Elisabeth Klatzer

    International Expert

    Elisabeth Klatzer – International Gender and Public Expert. She has over 10 years of research and consulting Elisabeth_Klatzersprecherin.jpgexperience on gender sensitive budgeting, public finance management, as well as gender and economic policy.

    She obtained Ph.D in Economics and Social Sciences, and her PhD thesis is on “Gender equality is the basis of fiscal and economic policy: theory and practice of gender-responsive budgets”. Dr. Klatzer posesses unique knowledge about various important areas, including gender-sensitive budgeting an PFM. Her experience includes 10 years in the civil service, a researcher, civil society leader and international consultant.

  • Nataliia Malogolovko

    Finance and Administrative Manager

    Nataliia Malogolovko – Project Finance and Administrative Manager. Nataliia has masters degrees in “International relations” and “Finance and credit”. Previously she worked for Joint CoE and EU Project on strengthening and protecting women’s and children’s rights in Ukraine.

    Before coming to GRB Project, Nataliia was managing Finance analysis and budgeting Unit in commercial bank. Fluent in English.

  • Maryna Shapoval

    National Expert

    Maryna Shapoval – Project National Expert. Maryna holds a master’s degree in international economics. Fluent in English, studies Polish.

    Has practical experience in international technical assistance projects as a financial analyst. In the USAID MFSI-II project worked as the grant manager.

  • Nadiya Ivchenko

    Event Manager and Administrative Assistant

    Nadiya Ivchenko – Project Event Manager and Administrative Assistant. Nadiya has  master degree in international economy, specialization – management of international business (KNEU after Vadym Hetman). Has fluent English, studied German and Italian.

    Before GRB Project had 8 years experience in foreign representative office in Ukraine operations management during which completed 6 months trainingship in company’s head office in Budapest, Hungary. Also has administrative experience in USAD HPI project.

  • Oksana Kisselyova

    National Expert

    Oksana Kisselyova – Project National Expert, Ph.D in Philosophy. She has work experience in academy, international organizations and non-governmental sectors. More than 20 years she is advocating for gender equality at the national and international levels. She provides expert support to the national government in formulation and realization of gender equality policy. Her experience includes more than 10 years of theoretical and practical work in gender-responsive budgeting implementation in Ukraine.  She is fluent in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

  • Marianna Kolodiy

    National Expert

    Marianna Kolodiy – Project National Expert. For the last 10 years Marianna has been implementing gender mainstreaming in the work of state and local government in Ukraine and in developing of training programs on social and gender issues for different groups of beneficiaries.

    She has practical experience in conducting social and gender analysis, gender and social impact assessment in different areas of social, political and economic development.

    Also she takes part in preparation of training materials (manuals, textbooks, teaching materials, etc.) on the implementation of social and gender equality in the socio-economic sphere.

  • Tetiana Matskiv

    Administrative Assistant

    Tetiana Matskiv – Project Administrative Assistant.

    In 2015 Tetiana Matskiv graduated from the History Department of Taras Shevchenko National University in Kyiv. After the graduation she worked at the position of leading research fellow in Kyiv History Museum.

    Tetiana is the alumnus of Internship Program in the Presidential Administration of Ukraine 2017-2018 (HR Department), the participant of III International summer school: «The prospects of democracy in Ukraine: what lessons from Baltic regions» (2016) and Ukrainian-German project «Vilcha – the resettled village» (Kharkiv, 2017-Bochum, 2018).

    She is getting second university degree in finance, banking and insurance.