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International discourse on the implementation of successful GRB practices

On February 20-22, the Ukrainian delegation, consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine Olena Machulna and Halyna Hrabarchuk, as well as the representatives of the GRB Project, Maja Bosnic and Oksana Tsiupa, took part in the special GRB event in Vienna (Austria). The trainings were organized by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Joint Vienna Institute (JVI).
Olena Machulna and Halyna Hrabarchuk represented Ukrainian experience of implementation of GRB at the national and local level. Ms. Machulna emphasized the significance of the adoption of Methodological Recommendations on Implementing and Using the Gender Responsive Approach in the Budget Process (Order of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine No.1 of 2.01.2019), which defines:

  • terms such as gender aspects, gender-sensitive and gender-neutral budget programs;
  • stages of implementing the gender responsive approach in the budget process;
  •  approach to undertaking gender analysis of budget programs;

In turn, Ms. Hrabarchuk introduced the gender responsive budgeting at the local level. During the discussion of experts in public finance management, GRB Project Team Leader Maja Bosnic declared the importance of GRB practice as one of the effective instrument for achieving gender quality.
It worth adding, that gender equality is on the government’s policy agenda in many countries from different regions and income groups. Despite some achievements in promoting gender equality over the last years, gender gaps still exist.
Summering, the event was a fruitful possibility to initiate a dialogue among the participating countries and experts on the design and implementation of gender budgeting initiatives and practices, with the objective of learning lessons and improving the impact of these initiatives.

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