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Gender Analysis of Social Allowances in Macedonia

Background: In January 2009, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Macedonia (Sector for Equal Opportunities) launched the implementation of a one-year programme aimed at the promotion and introduction of a gender perspective in social policy and in budgeting policies and processes.

The objective of the programme was to initiate the process of incorporation of gender perspectives in budget policies at national level, leading to gender responsive allocation of resources, and better transparency and accountability of the government’s budget.

Questions used in the analysis:

  • Group of selected line ministries (Ministry of Social Policy and other ministries;
  • All oblast administrations;
  • Members of the selected Parliamentary Committees;
  • Selected civil society organizations;
  • Selected Training Institutes.

The following material was analysed: policies defined in specific strategic documents; programmes based on the adopted laws; action plans and operational programmes; interviews with relevant persons from the implementing institutions; programme budgets


The first program analysed “Right to permanent financial allowance”, was providing cash allowance for persons socially at risk who are incapable to work and are not eligible for any other income benefits. Beneficiaries are persons with moderate, severe and most severe intellectual disabilities, persons with physical disabilities, single mother during pregnancy, one month prior to delivery, single parent up to three years age of the child, children up to the age of 15 or 26, while they receive regular education, and women and men above 65 years of age.

The analysis showed a lack of structured and systematized data on the beneficiaries, no data was disaggregated in accordance with eligible groups for this support. Information could not be identified on the number of persons with moderate, severe and most severe intellectual disabilities, or the number. of pregnant single mothers that received allowance for the one month prior to delivery.

Table 1. Average amounts of social assistance benefit by women and men, paid in 2004-2006

Year Expenses per beneficiary, MKD Number of households / Total expenses per right holder per gender, MKD Gender division %
Total Women Expenses Men Expenses Women Men
2004 2149 67 260 13 803 29 662 647 53 457 114 879 093 21 79
2005 2186 66 918 12 939 28 284 654 53 979 114 867 312 19 81
2006 2158 66 336 13 011 28 077 738 53 325 115 075 350 20 80
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