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Gender budgeting is an effective tool to overcome gender inequality and prevent all forms of discrimination

On October 10, 2018, the parliamentary hearings on the topic “Preventing and combating discrimination against women from vulnerable social groups”, were held in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. It raised a number of acute problems of women from vulnerable social groups and their discrimination. Women from vulnerable groups (among them are women with disabilities, Roma women, HIV-AIDS sufferers, rural women, old people, women-IDPs and others) have unequal access to resources and services, less power in the political, economic and social spheres.

Representatives of the Gender Budgeting in Ukraine Project took part in the parliamentary hearings. The Team Leader Maja Bosnic spoke about gender responsive budgeting as an effective tool for overcoming gender inequalities and preventing all forms of discrimination, in particular discrimination against women from vulnerable categories, and stressed the importance of integrating a gender approach into budget documents at all levels.

Maja Bosnic: “The Gender Budgeting in Ukraine Project provides support to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine in the process of implementation of gender responsive budgeting. We are applying an ambitious technical assistance program aimed at spreading and institutionalizing budget planning processes that are linked to gender policy priorities in all levels of government in Ukraine. With the expert support of the GRB Project and under the leadership of the Ministry of Finance, we have been supporting ministries and regions for 5 years, and now we provide support to the amalgamated territorial communities of Ukraine which are analyzing their programs from a gender perspective. Over five years, more than 100 budget-funded programs at the state and local levels have been analyzed.”

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