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Second training on gender responsive budgeting held at the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting

A second training session “The essence and stages of gender responsive budgeting” was held for the working group created in the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting in the framework of implementing the Memorandum of Cooperation signed with the “Gender Budgeting in Ukraine” project.

The Project Manager Maja Bosnic took part in the training session and outlined the main tasks and directions of the participants’ work. The trainings should result in the development of recommendations and proposals for amending certain budget programs of the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting in order to take into account the gender dimension.

The working group members presented the results of their work in accordance with the tasks assigned to them by experts of the “Gender budgeting in Ukraine” project during the first meeting. In particular, the analysis of the regulatory and legal framework, as well as international obligations on ensuring equal rights and opportunities for women and men was carried out. The documents and indicators of gender equality in the information and publishing spheres within selected budget programs were reviewed.

In the course of interactive work with the experts, the working group members studied the objectives of budget programs from the point of view of gender dimension, identified the main areas of focus under the programs, examined the expenditures on the implementation of budget programs and directions of their use, as well as other issues necessary for the gender budget analysis of the selected programs.

On the basis of the conclusions drawn from the results of the second training, the working group members should develop proposals that will provide for introducing changes to the budget programs (names, objectives, etc.) for the sake of taking into account the needs and interests of women and men by the key spending units.

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