What is GRB

Gender responsive budgeting is an internationally recognized tool that ensures the achievement of de-facto gender equality and contributes to the effectiveness of allocation of public funds.

GRB brings together two practices that are not commonly associated with one another: gender equality efforts and public finance management.

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What is GRB in Practice

Main components of the gender responsive budgeting process are:

1) gender budget analysis;

2) changes in programs and budgets;

3) system integration of GRB into budgetary process.

Prerequisites for the GRB Implementation

  • Gender understanding

    understanding the fact how important are gender and gender relations for the society, as well as how Government evaluates them. Such principle is a starting point in work on overcoming of gender inequality and
    contributes to the development of equal society.

  • Transparency, partnership and cooperation

    between budgeting experts gender equality experts, as well as participation of interested parties except for the Government, civil society and external experts at activity stages.

  • Determination of new requirements to the statistical data collecting system

    significant shortcomings of data collection prevent from conduct of gender-sensitive analysis. Sex-disaggregated data are prerequisites for evaluation of gender policy influence.

  • Political will (benevolence),

    demonstrated by political leaders, means establishing of vision and provision of work on gender equality in the long-term perspective.

Partners Involvement in GRB


How the GRB is implemented in Ukraine

The essence of this new for Ukraine tool is the planning of the revenue and expenditure parts of the State Budget with account to who will the end user of budget- financed services be.



  • NIRAS – one of the leading international consulting companies in development of powers in 26 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

  • CPM (Corporate and Public Management Consulting Group) – consulting company which provides technical support in the state sector.

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GRB Examples

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