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65 representatives of GRB working groups from 21 regions of Ukraine and Kyiv held a joint meeting with the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine

On May 23-24, 2018 a meeting on the results of gender budget analysis of programs that are financed from local budgets was held in Kyiv. For two days, 65 representatives of GRB working groups from 21 regions of Ukraine and Kyiv jointly with the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine discussed gender gaps found as a result of the gender budget analysis of selected programs, exchanged their experience on the GRB implementation in regions and shared successful results. At the beginning of the meeting, Olena Machulna, Deputy Director of the Local Budgets Department, Head of the Local Budgets Planning Department of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine addressed the participants with a welcoming speech. She thanked everyone for the fruitful work at the local level, and also noted: “GRB positively affects people’s lives and if life of at least one person changes for the better – this will already be the result.”

At the end of the meeting, the representatives of all regions presented proposals and recommendations developed by the working groups to ensure the sustainability of gender budgeting after the completion of the Gender Budgeting in Ukraine Project. Almost all were unanimous about the need to amend the Budget Code of Ukraine to integrate the gender approach in the budget process. The introduction of changes at the state level will greatly facilitate the work on GRB implementation at the local level. However, the absence of such changes does not exclude the possibility of effective work at the regional level – the experience of many regions successfully proves it. Also, everybody agreed that apart from changing regulations, it is extremely important to simultaneously change attitudes and raise people’s awareness of the importance and necessity of ensuring equal rights and opportunities for women and men, boys and girls in different sectors, which will lead to better quality services within the framework of implementing sectoral programs.

This event inspired participants to continue working on GRB to implement the developed recommendations on reducing and overcoming gender gaps in education, sports, culture and art, social protection and social security as soon as possible.

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