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A meeting on the intermediate results of gender budget analysis of programs at the local level was held in Kyiv

In 2018, all regions started a gender budget analysis of new programs in different sectors.
On March 14-15, in Kyiv, a meeting of GRB experts and local consultants on intermediate results of the gender budget analysis of programs in the regions was held. Participants from all regions of Ukraine shared their work during the first phase of the analysis, and also told about the main difficulties encountered, including: lack of sufficient statistical and other reporting information disaggregated by gender, lack of information on the quality of access to services for consumers, the impossibility to determine the efficiency and fairness of the distribution of the financial resources of the regional budgets in accordance with the needs of women and men.
During the fruitful discussion, the intermediate results were discussed in groups and proposals on improvement of the work on collecting factual data were developed. This will allow working groups to improve the quality of gender budget analysis in the regions and draw conclusions about existing gender gaps/inequalities in providing/receiving services in various fields.

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