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Ukrainian youth became interested in the implementation of gender budgeting in Ukraine

On July 5, 2018 Maja Bosnic, GRB Project Team Leader, met with interns of the Internship program in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The meeting started with a discussion on “gender equality” and its significance for the participants. This issue is of interest to all, since the problem aspects of gender equality concern everyone and both women and men suffer from discrimination on the basis of gender.

After discussion Maja Bosnic spoke about the importance of integration of the gender approach in the budget process and implementation of gender budgeting in Ukraine, she provided examples of gender gaps in education, health and sports sectors.

She also noted that “gender budgeting is not a magic tool. It only helps to determine the real priorities of society within available budget resources. It will be erroneous to say that if this principle is implemented, all problems will be solved. It is necessary to carry out a comprehensive reform, since financial management is only one of the systems of governing the country.”

Source: http://www.interns.org.ua/uk/content/genderna-rivnist-ce-ne-lyshe-pytannya-prav-lyudyny

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