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Gender approach in the budget process was highlighted at a seminar for the key spending units

On March 21, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine hosted a seminar “Budget Reform: Innovations Introduced by the Legislation and Features of the Budget Process in 2018” for the key spending units (KSUs).
The event was organized with the support of the Project “Gender Budgeting in Ukraine”. It was attended by over 100 representatives of the KSUs.
At the beginning of the seminar, Serhii Marchenko, Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine, Volodymyr Lozytskyy, Director of the State Budget Department of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, and Maja Bosnic, Head of the Project “Gender Budgeting in Ukraine” addressed the participants with welcome speeches.
During the opening of the seminar, Team Leader Maja Bosnic noted: “The project helps the Ministry of Finance implement reforms for  fair objective budgeting, oriented to the real needs of Ukrainian citizens. And this is gender-responsive budgeting. Gender budgeting is a part of medium-term budget planning. From this year, the GRB Project, jointly with the Ministry of Finance, will expand cooperation with key spending units. The Project is currently working with three ministries – the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Social Policy, the Ministry of Youth and Sports. This year it is planned that all ministries with the support of the Ministry of Finance will begin work on the implementation of the GRB”.
During the next three years, it is expected that all KSUs will work on implementing gender budgeting.
Olga Cherniuk, Deputy Team Leader of the Project “Gender Budgeting in Ukraine”, told about the role and the peculiarities of applying the gender approach in the budget process.
Particular attention was devoted to the preparation of the Budget Declaration (Key Directions of Budget Policy) for 2019-2021 and the draft of budget in 2018.

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