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The issue of implementation and institutionalization of gender budgeting was discussed during the Second Ukrainian Women’s Congress

On December 7-8, 2018, the Second Ukrainian Women’s Congress was held in Kyiv. Within the framework of the event, the discussion on the best bractices of the implementation of gender budgeting in Ukraine was held. The results of the implementation of GBR at the national, local and community levels were considered as examples of successful cases, as well as the opportunity to disseminate experience and promote GRB as an effective tool for the planning of a fair budget for the benefit of people.

Among speakers were represented:

Mykola Movchan, Deputy Minister on European Integration, Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine;

Oleksandra Churkina, Deputy Minister on European Integration, Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine;

Dmytro Mykysha, Deputy Mayor of Merefa on the issues of activity of executive councils, Kharkiv region

Tamar Tavartkiladze, International Director, UN Women

Natalya Lazarenko, Deputy Director of the PULSE Project, Association of Ukrainian Cities;

During the discussion, Mykola Movchan, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport of Ukraine, mentioned: “Ukraine’s European choice, European integration means approximation, including the economic and social standards of the European Union, also based on the recognition of the diversity of women and men and, accordingly, their needs, as well as the principles of non-discrimination and gender equality in all spheres of social and economic development”.

Maja Bosnic, Team Leader of GRB Project, funded by Sweden, emphasized:

“When we want GRB to be fully implemented and legitimately created, we must understand that this requires active action at all levels of government, including ministries, regional councils and local communities.”

Within the framework of the discussion platform “Expanding Economic Opportunities for Women and Eliminating Discrimination in the Workplace and in Business”, the Minister of Finance of Ukraine, Oksana Markarova, noted that “gender-based budgeting is the answer to the systemic problems that exist in the budget process “and noted the great work and efforts of GRB Project, thanking Maja Bosnic.

Answering a question on how the problem of low wages can be solved due to changes in funding, particularly in those areas where most women are represented – education, medicine, education, Oksana Markarova noted that the decision on raising wages cannot solve the problem, as it will only lead to an increase in budget expenditures. The problem needs to be addressed through an efficient allocation of costs: “By supporting women, we must unconditionally maintain efficiency, which means an efficient allocation of budget expenditures. It is also necessary to ensure not only that each hryvnia is spent efficiently, but also this hryvnia is spent according to the needs of each sex, and this task now stands before the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine”.

The 2nd Ukrainian Women’s Congress (UVK) identified the priority areas of the policy of equal rights and opportunities in Ukraine for 2019. According to the results of it, an appeal was made to civil servants and employees, deputies of all levels and representatives of political public organizations, the media, as well as representatives of the private and business environment. One of the recommendations concerns gender budgeting: “To institutionalize principles of gender responsive budgeting in the budget system at all levels”.

Video recording of the discussion at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_LEzFE4Yrg.

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