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Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine will determine ways to execute the recommendations on the GRB implementation at the state and local levels

On October 2, 2018, was held a joint meeting between representatives of sectoral departments of Lviv, Cherkasy, Zaporizhzhia, Ternopil, Sumy, Zakarpattia, Vinnytsia oblasts, Kyiv city, coordinators and local consultants of the GRB Project and representatives of the Ministry of Social Policy under the chairmanship of the Deputy Minister of Social Policy Natalia Fedorovich, supported by Gender Budgeting in Ukraine Project.

Participants of the meeting from oblasts presented the results of the gender budget analysis of programs that are funded from local budgets in the field of social protection of the population, including children’s health, rehabilitation and employment of people with disabilities

“Taking into account the gender aspect in planning the regional budget is the tool that allows increasing efficiency through competitive addressing of government payments to those who are most in need and to whom they will bring the greatest benefit; to improve the quality of services for the population, because it allows us to see clear guidelines for their consumers ”- Deputy Minister N. Fedorovich opened the meeting.

During 2015-2017, a gender budget analysis of 10 programs in the field of social protection and social security was carried out. These programs cover the rehabilitation of children with disabilities; providing social hostels to orphans and children deprived of parental care, issues of social protection of persons with disabilities; the provision of inpatient care, housing, comprehensive support, protection and safety for the elderly.

During the meeting, the results of research conducted in the following areas were presented: 1) provision of social and rehabilitation services to senior citizens, persons with disabilities, children with disabilities in social service institutions; 2) training and employment of persons with disabilities; 3) the maintenance of institutions that provide social services to children who find themselves in difficult life circumstances (centers for the social and psychological rehabilitation of children); 4) rehabilitation, recreation of children and young people, development of a network of children’s institutions for rehabilitation and recreation.

After the presentation of results it was revealed that:

– in all the analyzed programs there are gender gaps, in particular in terms of the number of women and men, girls and boys in the institutions of the social security and social services;

– gender stereotypes and commonly used role models of behavior of women and men determine their preferences for choosing to stay in a social institution (round-the-clock, day hospital, outpatient);

– programs of social protection and social security do not take into account the gender needs of various groups of women and men;

– among the workers of all institutions of social protection and social security of the population, women quantitatively dominate;

– the majority of social services in the field of social protection and social security are received by women, men receive social services mainly in stationary institutions of the social sphere.

Ministry identified ways to implement the recommendations provided by the regions at the national and local levels.

Source: Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine

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