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From now Ukrainian ministries are ready to apply gender responsive budgeting

On July 31, 2018 a series of seminars on the specifics of applying a gender-sensitive approach to the budget process for all ministries of Ukraine organized by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine with the support of the project “Gender Budgeting in Ukraine” (Sweden) was successfully concluded.

The aim of the events was to support ministries and ensure a constructive dialogue between specialists of ministries and experts on the issues of gender responsive budgeting on integrating a gender-sensitive approach into the budgetary process.

During the final meeting, which marked the end of the training course, Volodymyr Lozytsky, Director of the State Budget Department of the Ministry of Finance, Ganna Tsarenko, Coordinator of the Projects of the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine, and Olga Chernyuk, Deputy Team Leader of the GRB Project, addressed the participants and wished them fruitful work on the application of GRB in different sectors.

Volodymyr Lozytsky also drew the attention of those present to the fact that “the instructive letter of the Ministry of Finance for the preparation of budget requests for 2019-2021, which the key spending units has already received, contains provisions on the inclusion of a gender aspect in budgetary requests”, and he expressed the hope that “the results of gender analysis conducted by the participants of the seminars will be used and the relevant tasks and indicators will be reflected in the budget requests.”

During the event, all participants from the ministries presented their work of gender analysis studies on 17 budget programs in various fields and discussed the results and recommendations for their improvement so that they would better meet the needs of women and men, boys and girls.

Briefing Note: Seminars on GRB for ministries took place during June-July 2018. Representatives of 14 ministries (Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine, Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Ministry for Temporary Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Ministry of Finance of Ukraine) have learned to carry out gender budget analysis of sectoral programs in order to identify gender gaps and formulating recommendations on measures aimed at overcoming those gaps.

The training was organized in 4 stages, which included seminars and homework assignments. Based on the results of the final assignment, 56 people received certificates of completion of the training course on GRB. In total, more than 100 participants took part in the trainings.

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